Western Guy Arab decker help

Hi folks.

We’ve received the following appeal from John B:

Sanny Sloan who lived in Rankinston  ‘The Miners MP’ died on the 16th November 1945. On the day of his funeral three Western buses were hired to take the many mourners from Rankinston to the cemetery at Coylton. I remember that three double deckers arrived in the village for this purpose. This was the first time that a double decker bus had visited the village. A Guy Arab Utility LB decker  Registration Mark  ASD 406, acquired by Western in 1943. subsequently became the regular Rankinston bus. How can I find out the registration of the three buses that arrived and if  ASD 406 was one of the three. Thank you, I would be grateful for any information for my booklet re the history of the village.

If anyone can help with this one please GET IN TOUCH

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