Bristol VRT photographs required

Hi members.

We’ve received the following appeal from David Toy. David was engineering director with Western Scottish for many years and your help would be very much appreciated. David’s forthcoming Classic Bus article should be absolutely superb and provide many answers as to why the SBG chose to swap their newer Bristol VRT buses for older Bristol Lodekka’s:

I am writing an article  for Classic Bus  on the exchange between SBG and NBC of the VRTs/FLFs . The  article is from the SBG view  giving in detail why this happened and why they were dissatisfied with the VRT. 

I have a limited collection of photos of the SBG VRTs, by any chance do you have a coloured photo of a Midland VRT and any of the ex NBC  FLFs  working in the SBG companies I could use? The text is finished and only a few photos to find.

If anyone can help with this one please GET IN TOUCH

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