Seddon Pennine 7 – PSG842P

Member Robert Parkinson had this question:

Looking for information on Seddon PSG842P as im pretty sure thats not
its original registration

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    We are currently in the process of updating vehicle data for all Western vehicles and, as you can imagine, it’s an extremely time consuming task. With regards to this particular vehicle I can confirm:

    Original Fleetnumber: S2564
    Original Registration: MSJ370P
    Date Built / Entered Service: 07/76
    Chassis: Seddon Pennine 7
    Chassis No: 59821
    Bodywork: Alexander T Type
    Bodywork No: 5AT/4974/6
    Seating: C49F

    07/76 – Allocated to Greenock depot
    11/83 – Repainted into Grey, Black & White Western Scottish livery
    11/83 – Unallocated (ex-Greenock)
    04/84 – Greenock (ex-Unallocated)
    06/84 – Converted to wheelchair access at Kilmarnock works and re-seated to C24D+wheelchair
    01/87 – Rear Window rebuilt
    11/87 – Renumbered S400
    11/87 – L (ex Conversion)
    07/90 – Re-registered 803 DYE
    01/91 – Repainted into Red, Grey, Black & White dual purpose livery
    10/92 – Re-numbered to S100
    12/92 – Kilmarnock (Ex L)
    02/02/94 – Re-registered to PSG842P (803 DYE transferred to Dennis Javelin N111 ex-H661UWR)
    06/94 – Withdrawn from service
    14/12/94 – Sold to Swinton & District Buses

    I hope you find the information useful.

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