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The following article contains extracts from the Western Enthusiasts Club newsletter, Issue 36, November – December 1985 and is intended to take a nostalgic “snapshot view” of the various activities that were taking place at Western Scottish during this time. We aim to publish these articles on a regular basis and, as always, we would like to thank the Western Enthusiasts Club for allowing us to publish their superb material on our site.


Two Duple 425 Integrals in Citylink livery were to be seen in the finishing shop at Duple in a recent TV documentary “Catching the coach” screened on Channel 4 on 10th December.

Acquired Vehicles


Type: Van Hool Astron T818 Integral
Built: 1983
Body: Van Hool CH49/11Ft
Registrations: 3196DD & 7256DD
Ex Newton, Dingwalls

Type: Van Hool Astron T815 Integral
Built: 1984
Body: Van Hool C49Ft
Registration: A991DGS
Ex Newton, Dingwalls

Chassis: Volvo B10MT (Three axle)
Built: 1985
Body: Plaxton Paramount 4000 CH55/9Ft
Registrations: B924-925BGA
Ex Newton, Dingwalls

We are advised by the company that the three Van Hool Integrals have M.A.N running units and are being prepared for service. The Volvo’s are still operating former Newton duties and are not expected to transferred to Western until early in the new year. The two Van Hool Astron’s and two Volvo – Plaxton coaches will join the Western London Coach fleet whilst the Van Hool Acron will be used for other express and hire work.

Vehicles on loan

Registration number of Lowland Scottish Leyland National 171 is BSF771S. During it’s time of evaluation, up to 30th November, Central Scottish had use of Leopard’s AL37/8 (GCS37/8V) whilst Lowland Scottish had similar DL55/6 (GCS55/6V).

Clydeside Scottish P401 (B401OSB) a Dennis Dorchester / Plaxton 3500 C55F was on loan to Kilmarnock depot from November and was numbered KN205.

Allocations & Transfers

September 1985

R307 (PCS816H) S (Ex K)
R308 (PCS817H) S (Ex K)
R309 (PCS818H) S (Ex K)
L132 (SSJ132Y) E (Ex D)
L133 (SSJ134Y) D (Ex D)
L183 (A183UGB) S (Ex C)

October 1985

R294 (PCS813H) C (Ex D)
L531 (HCS816N) D (Ex C)

November 1985

R771 (XSJ652T) A

December 1985

L132 (SSJ132Y) D (Ex E)
S951 (DSD951V) E (Ex D)

October saw the transfer of four elderly Fleetlines to Kilmarnock on a temporary basis as they are scheduled to be withdrawn at the end of 1985.

The vehicles concerned were SR2094 (GCS156E), SR2119 (GCS172E), SR2163 (JAG516F) with Alexander bodies and Northern Counties bodied SR2152 (JAG505F).


October 1985

Daimler Fleetline: R2092 (DSD733D)

November 1985

Volvo B10M’s: V196/7 (B196/7CGA)

December 1985

Daimler Fleetline: R279 (PCS805H), R2094 (GCS156E), R2119 (GCS172E), R2152 (JAG505F), R2163 (JAG516F)

The company advise that four Seddon single deckers have been earmarked for possible withdrawal at the end of December. These are S589 (NSJ6R), S591 (NSJ8R), S592 (NSJ9R) and the solitary remaining unmodified member of the first batch of Alexander ‘T’ Types, S581 (MSJ387P). It is the intention that they will be withdrawn if another company in the group requires them but will be retained otherwise.

Modified Vehicles

KV131 (GGE131X) has lost it’s Cordon Bleu facilities and has reverted to C46Ft (Ex C44Ft).

There has been some re-classification of coaches within the company but externally there is no visible change.

In effect, this means that the following coaches have been downgraded to Dual Purpose status: Volvo / Duple Dominants V120-3 (NCS120-3V), V127-9 (GGE127-9X) and V198 (B198CGA) with Berkhof body and Leyland Tiger / Duple Goldliners L132-5 (SSJ132-5Y).

Livery Changes

The Black, White and Grey colour scheme has been adopted as fleet livery and will be applied to all non Citylink vehicles over the next three years or so.

Further Double deckers to gain the new scheme are DR23 (KJD2P) and KR770 / DR773 (XSJ651/4T). Single deckers also so repainted are KL65/7 (GCS65/7T), DS686 (RSD989R) and ES864 (BSD864T).

Leyland Tiger coach KL166 (A166TGE) was still in blue and white when noted at Buchannan Bus station on November 22nd.

With the decision to change Western’s livery to black, white and grey, this means that combined with Clydeside Scottish, we have the re-painting of over 600 vehicles to record. This we cannot do ourselves so any sightings and reports of buses in new colours would be most welcome.

Local News

Ayr & Girvan

Dorchester’s AN153/6 (TSD153/6Y) have, since the end of the season, been regular performers on service 04 Glasgow – Ayr. Fleetline CR294 (PCS813H) was on loan to Girvan in November apparently whilst sister bus AR295 (PCS812H) was receiving attention. The Northern Counties bodied Fleetline AR771 (XSJ652T) finally appeared at the beginning of December, but where has it been since September?


By November 01st, SR2173 (JAG526F) was the oldest Fleetline in service here, it’s older sisters having been transferred to Kilmarnock. Despite their intended withdrawal at the end of 1985, it seems that SR2173 is to remain in service into the new year, by which time it will be the only bus with a four digit fleet number.

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