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H661UWR was a Dennis Javelin / Plaxton Paramount 3200 C53F purchased new to Wallace Arnold of Leeds in April 1991 to evaluate the Javelin chassis. Following its disposal from Wallace Arnold, Western Scottish purchased the vehicle in January 1992, via Dennis Specialist Vehicles, and received it still wearing its former owners livery, minus fleet names and legal lettering. Western quickly repainted the vehicle into its latest coach livery style (including attractive pearlescent white paint and fleet names), gave it fleet number N111 and allocated it to Western’s coaching unit (L depot codes).

Later in its Western life it would be re-registered 803 DYE and even receive Stagecoach stripes in 1995. It was further re-registered on disposal to H751LSD when it passed to Oban and District in 1997 and then became 109ASV.

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    Comments by Donald Booth taken from Western Scottish Facebook page

    H661 looked superb. It later went to Oban & District, became 109ASV and then transferred to WCM. I drove it several times on Oban-Tyndrum links when I was a driver with WCM doing Citylink out of Glasgow and once on a cruise ship hire to Inveraray Castle. It was an absolute peach and I loved driving it. It was in great condition for its age (by then 12 or 13 year old). The handling was superb with the low body and the Javelin engine position, the gearshift like a knife through butter. Most people compared it unfavourably to the DAF/Van Hools, but for me it was something different and very nice. With only 50 seats it was comfy too.

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