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Parked up at Western’s Dumfries depot on Eastfield Road are a selection of recently delivered Alexander Y type bodied Leyland Leopards. Closest to the camera was DL54 (GCS54V) which received an all-over advert for the Stranraer / Dumfries – London Express services in September 1980.

By this time the “infamous” Leopard / Fleetline swap had taken place with Dumfries’ new deckers R70-9 (HSD70-9V) having been transferred to the Glasgow depots and replaced by more Leopards from the GCS-V batch: L53 (GCS 53V) from Johnstone in December 1980, L48-51 (GCS 48-51V) from Johnstone in January 1982 and L40-1/59-62 (GCS 40-41/59-62V) from Thornliebank in February 1982.

This particular batch of 40 Alexander Y type Leyland Leopards would prove to be Western’s last delivery of this vehicle type and were B53F seated (with standard red / black “Tartan” moquette), Leopard PSU3E/4R types with panoramic windows, wide “4 leaf” doors and finished in Western Scottish Red & Cream livery. The vehicles were initially allocated as follows:

DeliveredFleet NoRegDepotDeliveredFleet NoRegDepot
February 1980L30GCS 30VGreenockApril 1980L50GCS 50VJohnstone
April 1980L31GCS 31VStranraerApril 1980L51GCS 51VJohnstone
February 1980L32GCS 32VGreenockApril 1980L52GCS 52VJohnstone
March 1980L33GCS 33VGreenockApril 1980L53GCS 53VJohnstone
March 1980L34GCS 34VGreenockMay 1980L54GCS 54VDumfries
March 1980L35GCS 35VGreenockMay 1980L55GCS 55VDumfries
March 1980L36GCS 36VGreenockMay 1980L56GCS 56VDumfries
March 1980L37GCS 37VAyrMay 1980L57GCS 57VDumfries
March 1980L38GCS 38VAyrMay 1980L58GCS 58VDumfries
March 1980L39GCS 39VAyrMay 1980L59GCS 59VThornliebank
March 1980L40GCS 40VThornliebankMay 1980L60GCS 60VThornliebank
March 1980L41GCS 41VThornliebankMay 1980L61GCS 61VThornliebank
March 1980L42GCS 42VPaisleyMay 1980L62GCS 62VThornliebank
March 1980L43GCS 43VPaisleyMay 1980L63GCS 63VThornliebank
March 1980L44GCS 44VCumnockMay 1980L64GCS 64VKilmarnock
March 1980L45GCS 45VCumnockMay 1980L65GCS 65VKilmarnock
March 1980L46GCS 46VCumnockMay 1980L66GCS 66VKilmarnock
March 1980L47GCS 47VCumnockJune 1980L67GCS 67VKilmarnock
April 1980L48GCS 48VJohnstoneJune 1980L68GCS 68VKilmarnock
April 1980L49GCS 49VJohnstoneJune 1980L69GCS 69VKilmarnock

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  1. ASD838T

    My favourite style of Y type. Twin headlights, sleek grilles, pantograph wipers, square indicators/sidelights, four-leaf doors, panoramic windows. Western’s Y types were always smarter than those of other SBG companies. The only thing missing was… a Western SCOTTISH fleetname on the front. I could never figure out why this was the case.

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