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The following article contains extracts from the Western Enthusiasts Club newsletter, Issue 31, January – February 1985 and is intended to take a nostalgic “snapshot view” of the various activities that were taking place at Western Scottish during this time. We aim to publish these articles on a regular basis and, as always, we would like to thank the Western Enthusiasts Club for allowing us to publish their superb material on our site.

Company News

Company Name

As part of the re-originisation of the S.B.G. Western S.M.T. Co. Ltd. became Western Scottish Ltd as from February 4th. From that date the new legal lettering was applied to all vehicles, including those destined for Clydeside in due course. The head office of the company remains at Nursery Avenue, Kilmarnock, KA1 3JD.

Clydeside Scottish

To date no official statements have been made regarding the split with Western. Various rumours are circulating regarding the livery but it is not our intention to repeat these. We are hopeful of an official announcement for the next issue.

New Vehicles

Registrations B187-213CGA have been reserved for use of Western Scottish and these will be allocated as follows:

Volvo B10M’s

V187/8 B187/8CGA Berkhof Emperor
V189-97 B189-97CGA Plaxton Paramount
V198 B198CGA Berkhof Esprite

Dennis Dorchesters

N199-213 B199-213CGA Plaxton Paramount

Delivered Vehicles


Chassis: Volvo B10M
Bodywork: Berkhof Emperor, CH48/12Ft
V187 B187CGA

This vehicle is in Scottish blue and white livery and is similar externally to V163 delivered last year. It has a high floor line and a small lounge area on the lower deck behind the rear axle. It has a plug entrance door and a nearside toilet located adjacent to the stairs to the rear lounge. The interior features a new trim scheme in red, grey and black and these colours also adorn the roofing material. As expected, the seats are recliners but unusually for Western the coach has a push button operated gearbox and two pedal control rather than the expected manual box. It’s U.W. is 12070kg.

Chassis: Volvo B10M
Bodywork: Berkhof Esprite, C53Ft
V198 B198CGA

This vehicle is in Citylink blue and yellow livery. It has a sunken toilet located centrally on the offside of the vehicle. Originally a 53 seater it has been down seated to C49Ft. Reclining seats are fitted as is a plug type entrance door. The interior is finished in the new red, grey and black colour scheme and it too has a push button operated gearbox. It’s U.W. is 11970kg.


PVS Dealer (Carlton)

R297 (PCS815H), L484 (SCS353M) S545 (KSJ943P) and S941 (DSD941V)

Northern Scottish, Aberdeen

L457, L458-9/71/3/5-6/80-1 (RAG398M), (SCS327/8/40/2/4-5/9-50M)

Tracey (Dealer), Johnstone

S544/8-51 (KSJ942/6-9P), S559-61/9-72/5/7/80 (MSJ365-7/75-8/81/3/6P), S861 (BSD861T), R2179 (DSD770D), R2164 (JAG517F) and L2026 (CAG441C).

Allocations & Transfers

January 1985

R275 PCS801H – S (ex C)
R295 PCS812H – D (ex E)
L405 YSD365L – S (ex D)
R2119 GCS172E – S (ex D)

February 1985

V187 B187CGA – K
V188 B188CGA – K
S863 BSD863T – E (ex D)


November 1984: R2164 JAG517F
December 1984: R2129 DSD770D
January 1985: R2099 GCS160E and R2118 GCS171E
February 1985: R2093 GCS155E

Surplus Vehicles

Of the vehicles listed as surplus in the fleetlist, some were still operational into 1985. These are as follows:

KR278 (PCS804H) – at Stranraer with “S’ blinds in January. Moved to Dumfries in February and withdrawn.
GL486/8-90 (SCS355/7-9M) – all withdrawn at Greenock in January.
IL492 (SCS361M) – Withdrawn at Inchinnan in January.
JL494 (SCS363M) – Withdrawn at Johnstone in February, stored at Ayr.
JL496 (SCS365M) – Still operational at Johnstone in February.
DL497 (SCS366M) – Withdrawn at Dumfries in February.
EL498 (SCS367M) – Still operational at Dumfries in February.
DL499 (GCS792N) – Still operational at Dumfries in February.
MS573 (MSJ379P) – Still operational at Thornliebank in February.
MS574 (MSJ380P) – Still operational at Thornliebank in February.


Early Fleetlines

SR2091/2 (DSD732/3D) – the oldest Fleetlines are at Stranraer having passed their P.S.V. tests in December and January respectively.
SR2094 (GCS156E) – P.S.V. due date 02/85.
DR2117 (GCS170E) – presently at Annan sub depot.
SR2119 (GCS172E) – recently moved to ‘S’ to replace withdrawn stock.
DR2120 (GCS173E) – presently at Annan sub depot.
SR2152 (JAG505F) – P.S.V. due 01/85.
SR2163 (JAG516F) – passed P.S.V. test 12/84
SR2173 (JAG526F) – passed P.S.V. test 10/84

Volvo B58’s

V535-42 (HSD706-13N) were moved into storage at Ayr depot during January. PV539 had reverted to C45Ft prior to withdrawal but MV540 remained C44Ft at the end. V540/1 latterly were fitted with Citylink destination blinds. They were inspected by a prospective buyer at Ayr on February 25th.

Modified Vehicles

Ex-London Transport DMS Fleetlines DR26 (KJD22P) and DR995 (KUC915P) have now been fitted with S.B.G. triangular destination apertures. However DR23 (KJD2P), previously reported as being so fitted still has it’s modified L.T.E. display.

Volvo’s V114-25 (NCS114-25W), V126-31 (GGE126-31X) and Leyland Tigers L132-5 (SSJ132-5Y) are to be fitted with power operated doors for Citylink duties. V114-8/20/3/5/7 and L132/4/5 had been so fitted by mid-February.

Withdrawn Leopard L467 (SCS336M) is being converted to a Tow Wagon for Graham’s, Paisley.

Leopard IL611 (OSJ611R) has been fitted with a modified front panel incorporating a protruding rectangular area which has been made necessary by the more powerful demisters which have been recently fitted.

Fleetline KR765 (XSJ646T) has been fitted with anti-spray devices on it’s front wheel arches.

DMS Fleetline KR993 (THM665M) has lost it’s unique DMS style trafficators in favour of more standard rectangular units.

Livery Changes

Volvo’s V116 (NCS116W) and V121-5 (NCS121-5W) have been repainted into Citylink blue and yellow livery. All of the NCS-W are now so painted.

Similar Volvo’s V127/8 (GGE127/8X) are also now in Citylink livery as is Leyland Tiger / Duple Goldliner SL132 (SSJ132Y).

Seddon AS944 (DSD944V) has appeared in service with white painted grille and headlight surround rather than the usual black.

Seddon’s DS951/2 (DSD951/2V) have lost their “Galloway Rail Link” logo’s but SL628 (OSJ628R) still retains it’s.

Local News


Stored here on January 28th were Volvo’s V536/7/9-42, Seddon’s S543/8-50, Titan ND1684, Lowlander KN1795, Lodekka DW7064 (RAG 404) and Hospital Radio Fleetline GCS161E (Ex R2100). With the withdrawn of Volvo AV536, Seddon AS971 has been making regular appearances on service 585 to Greenock. Volvo / Duple coaches KV118/127 are presently on loan, primarily for the 501 Edinburgh service, though KV118 has also been noted on the 585.


Re-roofed DR26 still has London Transport smoking restriction notices on it’s top deck. With drawn SR2093/9, DR2118 and surplus R278 were stored here in February. Short Leopard DL390 is at Penpont for services 74 and 75.


Stored here on January 28th were L457-9, L489-92, S546/7, S566, S575/6, S580/2 and S594/5.


It was with much regret that we learned of the demise of the last 33′ Fleetline in January. The vehicle concerned, SR2099 (GCS160E), received accident damage early in January resulting in a shattered windscreen and damage to it’s front dash and lower panels. Recertified as recently as last September, it was intended that the bus be repaired at Dumfries works the week commencing January 14th but word was received that the bus was not going to be repaired and it remains in store awaiting sale at Dumfries.

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