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After a long history of operating double decker buses at Stranraer depot, the beginning of the end for this type began in January 1995 when Dumfries & Galloway Council instructed that the “three to a double seat” regulation on tendered school workings was to be ended and that single deck vehicles were to be the preferred vehicle type throughout the region as from January 5th 1995. At this time allocations were in a state of flux following the purchase of Western Scottish by the Stagecoach holdings group in July 1994 and most of the company’s Seddon Pennine 7 and Leyland Fleetline stock were in the process of being withdrawn and replaced.

At this time Stranraer depot had six deckers allocated:

SR858 (XSJ658T)
SR882 (ECS882V)

SR867 (XSJ667T)

SR869 (XSJ669T)

SR871 (BCS871T)

SR879 (ECS879V)

To meet these new regulations a large batch of previously withdrawn Seddon Pennine 7 Y types were allocated to Stranraer between December 1994 and January 1995 in preparation for the new school term:

SS519 (YSD819T)
SS543 (ASD843T)

SS520 (YSD820T)
SS544 (ASD844T)

SS527 (ASD827T)

SS534 (ASD834T)

SS542 (ASD842T)

These buses complimented already allocated Seddon Pennine 7’s:

SS434 (DSD934V)
SS529 (ASD829T)

SS440 (DSD940V)
SS546 (DSD984V)

SS444 (DSD944V)

SS473 (DSD973V)

SS480 (DSD980V)

At this same time Stranraer depot would have probably had it’s entire allocation of 6 double deck vehicles re-allocated if hadn’t been for the requirement of 3 deckers for a Seacat contract the depot operated at the time. As it was Stranraer lost 3 double deckers:

SR858 (XSJ658T)

SR867 (XSJ667T)

SR871 (BCS871T)

Pictured at the rear of Stranraer depot in January 1995 is Seddon Pennine 7 bodied Alexander Y type SS543 (ASD843T) having just received it’s “S” depot codes and all ready for service at the depot.

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