A new double deck livery

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After many, many years wearing Western’s attractive red and cream livery, the double deck fleet started to receive a variation of Western’s earlier introduced black, white and two tone grey single deck livery.

The first vehicle to receive the new style livery was Ayr depot’s AR771 XSJ652T and is seen here parked up at Sandgate Bus Station in Ayr.

Sister buses DR773 XSJ654T and SR775 XSJ656T were also outshopped in this new livery prior to entering service, having been transferred from the newly created Clydeside Scottish company in September 1985 to replace older Fleetline stock. The vehicles transferred were:

KR768 XSJ649T
DR773 XSJ654T

KR769 XSJ650T
DR774 XSJ655T

KR770 XSJ651T
SR775 XSJ656T

AR771 XSJ652T
SR776 XSJ657T

DR772 XSJ653T
SR777 XSJ658T

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